Selected Books & Book Chapters

2024         Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics Revisited (Cambridge University Press)

2023         The Rise and the Fall of the EAST: Examination, Autocracy, Stability, and Technology in Chinese History and Today (Yale University Press)

2016         Open Innovations and Chinese Economy, (in Chinese, with Shiwei Zhang, and Dan Wang).

2015         MIT and Innovations: Lessons for China (in Chinese, with Shiwei Zhang, Dianfan Yu, and Dan Wang)

2012         Transformation of Large Private Enterprises in China, (in Chinese, with Jiang Rouchen and Yu Dianfu), (Shanghai Economics and Finance University Press).

2011         Is China Model Unique? (in Chinese, Zhongxin Commercial Press. Selected as one of ten best business books published in 2011 by Lanshizi Press)

2011         Path of Growth of Large Enterprises, (in Chinese, with Jiang Rouchen and Wang Dan), (China Times Publishing House).

2010         “Is entrepreneurship missing in Shanghai?” (with Yi Qian) in *International Difference in Entrepreneurship* (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, an NBER publication).

2010         “Getting the rural issues right,” in *New Ideas on Development after the Financial Crisis* (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press).

2008         Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: State and Entrepreneurship during Reform, (Cambridge University Press. Selected as one of the best books published in 2008 by the Economist and a finalist for the best book in economics and business by the Association of American Publishers. Chinese and Russian editions in 2010)

2008         “Just how capitalist is China?” in International Handbook of Development Economics, edited by Amitava Krishna Dutt and Jaime Ros, (Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar)

2003         Selling China: Foreign Direct Investment During the Reform Era (New York: Cambridge University Press. Reprinted in 2004 and 2005 and Chinese edition in 2005)

1996         Inflation and Investment Controls in China: The Political Economy of Central-Local Relations During the Reform Era (New York: Cambridge University Press)